Hi! I'm Christie.... Why Choose me?

I love to build a connection with you.

I am a Mum to two little girls so i'm no stranger to the ups and downs that parenthood brings. Worried that your kids won't behave during the shoot? Don't be! I want to capture everything about you and your family, their little personalities and fun nature. My shoots are relaxing, FUN and all about you.

Let your kids take the lead; play with sticks, make daisy chains or go on a bear hunt, anything goes.

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Mum, you are SO special to them

MUM this bit is for you...

Ok, now this bit is just between us Mums; how often do you take photos of your kids with their friends, their family or by themselves!? Everyday right? I bet your phone is FULL of photos of them, but how often are YOU in those photos? Apart from the odd selfie, i bet the answer is hardly ever.

Give your children the gift of memories of YOU. Something to look back on when they are all grown up, to smile at and to remember that Mum was there too and the fun that they had with you.
Priceless memories.

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"The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories"

Og Mandino.

Close up of a candid moment of parents kissing their baby boys head.
Fun moment caught between father and son at a sunset photoshoot.
Fun candid moment caught between a Mother and her two daughters during a beach photo shoot.
Mother gazes up lovingly at her husband while he holds their newborn baby girl.
Candid mother daughter moment caught at Coogee beach.
Older brother tickles little brother during family photoshoot.